Thinking Between Deleuze and Kant
A Strange Encounter

Edited by Matt Lee and Edward Willatt

Pub Date: 1 Jun 2009
ISBN: 1847065945
ISBN13: 9781847065940
192 Pages

Series Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy

An important collection of essays exploring the implicit dispute between Deleuze's 'transcendental empiricism' and Kant's 'transcendental idealism', a key philosophical concern.

In the wake of much previous work on Gilles Deleuze's relations to other thinkers (including Bergson, Spinoza and Leibniz), his relation to Kant is now of great and active interest and a thriving area of research. In the context of the wider debate between 'naturalism' and 'transcendental philosophy', the implicit dispute between Deleuze's 'transcendental empiricism' and Kant's 'transcendental idealism' is of prime philosophical concern. Bringing together the work of international experts from both Deleuze scholarship and Kant scholarship, Thinking Between Deleuze and Kant addresses explicitly the varied and various connections between these two great European philosophers, providing key material for understanding the central philosophical problems in the wider 'naturalism/ transcendental philosophy' debate. The book reflects an area of great current interest in Deleuze Studies and initiates an ongoing interest in Deleuze within Kant scholarship.

The contributors are Mick Bowles, Levi R. Bryant, Patricia Farrell, Christian Kerslake, Matt Lee, Michael J. Olson, Henry Somers-Hall and Edward Willatt.

Table Of Contents

Notes on Contributors
Note on Translations and Abbreviations Used
Editorial Introduction
1. The Philosopher-monkey: Learning and the Discordant Harmony of the Faculties
Patricia Farrell (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
2. Deleuze’s Transcendental Empiricism: Notes Towards a Transcendental Materialism
Levi R. Bryant (Collin College, Frisco, USA)
3. Levelling the levels
Matt Lee (University of Greenwich, UK)
4. The Genesis of Cognition: Deleuze as a Reader of Kant
Edward Willatt (University of Greenwich, UK)
5. The Nature of Productive Force: Kant, Spinoza and Deleuze
Mick Bowles (University of Greenwich, UK)
6. Deleuze's 'Reconstruction of Reason': From Leibniz and Kant to Difference and Repetition
Christian Kerslake (Middlesex University, UK)
7. Transcendental Illusion and Antinomy in Kant and Deleuze
Henry Somers-Hall (University of Warwick, UK)
8. Transcendental Idealism, Deleuze and Guattari, and the Metaphysics of Objects
Michael J. Olson (Villanova University, USA)

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