VOLCANIC LINES – deleuzian research group

Kant, Deleuze and the 'great outdoors' of speculative realism

A roundtable discussion to mark the publication of Thinking between Kant and Deleuze – a strange encounter, a new collection of essays that engages with the debate between naturalism and transcendental thought.

Matt Lee (Greenwich)
Michael Olson (Villa Nova, USA)
Edward Willatt (Greenwich)

7PM - 9PM
Room KW003

University of Greenwich, Maritime Campus, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

The inspiration for this event comes from After Finitude where Quentin Meillassoux refers to ‘the great outdoors’ of the pre-critical thinkers before seeking to overcome the allegedly stifling correlationist circle from within on the basis of a principle of factiality. The plan for the roundtable is to discuss the challenge posed by speculative realism to transcendental philosophy. Each participant will make some brief remarks rather than giving a full paper and then there will be a round table discussion and questions from the audience. We hope that this will provide a space for responding to the work done in the Collapse journal and the recent speculative realism workshops.