A one day conference on Salomon Maimon and the Essay on Transcendental Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, on Thursday 19 August, 2010

We are pleased to announce the first UK conference on the philosophy of Salomon Maimon (1753-1800). With the recent publication of the first English translation of Maimon’s principal work, the Essay on Transcendental Philosophy, Maimon’s thought has become accessible to the
English speaking world for the first time. The conference celebrates this event and aims to stimulate scholarly interest in the thought of this brilliant but neglected philosopher. As well as exploring Maimon’s philosophy, it will look at his influence on successors, including Deleuze
and the post-Kantian tradition in general.

The Essay on Transcendental Philosophy (1790) is Maimon’s response to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Here he recognizes that the Critique marks a revolution in philosophical method, and wholeheartedly endorses Kant’s turn to ‘transcendental’ philosophy. However, he argues that Kant’s solution to the fundamental problem of transcendental philosophy, viz. how
are concepts applied to intuitions, fails. He offers an alternative solution, a transcendental philosophy based on different foundations or, to be more precise, based on a foundation of difference.

Maimon’s published philosophical works cover a wide spectrum ranging from philosophy of science and mathematics to logic, morals and aesthetics. We welcome papers on any aspect of his thought and of its relation to that of other philosophers, as well as papers on the Essay itself.

Confirmed Speakers:
Paul Franks (Toronto)
Gideon Freudenthal (Tel Aviv)
Beth Lord (Dundee)

Conference Registration will open in June 2010.

We invite submissions for the two remaining slots in the conference programme. Submissions from postgraduate students are very welcome. Papers should be 4,000 - 6,000 words in length and be presentable in 30 - 40 minutes. Papers should include an abstract (no longer than 150 words) and a word count. They should be in RTF or MSWord format.

Submission deadline: 30 June 2010; successful authors will be informed by 19 July.
For further details, to register your interest or to submit papers please e-mail Nick Midgley and Henry Somers-Hall at this address: maimonconference@googlemail.com