'Pursuing fundamental research and development in logical ontological and abstract matters, outside any institutional framework, with no thematic disciplinary or methodological constraints.'

Pli - The Warwick Journal of Philosophy

'A journal of philosophy edited and produced by members of the Graduate School of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, produced with the support of The Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature. Pli currently publishes two volumes a year, in the Spring and the Autumn. Pli has no specific set of philosophical concerns but previous issues have tended to focus upon European philosophical traditions, reflecting the interests of the graduate community at Warwick.'

Deleuze Studies

'Published twice a year, in June and December, and edited by a team of highly respected Deleuze scholars, Deleuze Studies is a forum for new work on the writings of Gilles Deleuze. Deleuze Studies is a bold journal that challenges orthodoxies, encourages debate, invites controversy, seeks new applications, proposes new interpretations, and above all make new connections between scholars and ideas in the field.'

Radical Philosophy

'A journal of socialist and feminist philosophy.'


'The journal of the theoretical humanities.'


'1. Deleuzian academic research papers presented as they were meant to be seen... rather than publishing the written word, each paper is filmed by the TMF production company and presented here as streamed movies. 2. A platform for Deleuzian inspired artworks across the international Deleuzian community.'


'Founded in 1983, Paragraph is a leading journal in modern critical theory. It publishes essays and review articles in English which explore critical theory in general and its application to literature, other arts and society. Regular special issues by guest editors highlight important themes and figures in modern critical theory. Recent special issues include: Jacques Rancière, The Idea of the Literary, Theory and the Early Modern, Deleuze and Science, Blanchot's Epoch.'

101: One Zero One

'101: One Zero One is a magazine which uses the rhizome, a non-hierarchical organic system, as its central organizing element.'


'A quarterly open-access journal addressing issues in science and the humanities from non-materialistic perspectives.'


'Enacting a philosophical engagement with social and political events.'

European Journal of Philosophy

Cosmos and History

'A journal of natural and social philosophy.'

Comparative and Continental Philosophy

'Comparative and Continental Philosophy is a peer-reviewed and fully refereed journal that appears bi-annually and publishes leading edge papers by internationally respected scholars in comparative and continental philosophy. ...'

BRAND Literary Magazine


'An interdisciplinary journal of philosophy.'


'An internet journal of philosophy.'


'A journey of chaotic philosophy, majik, politics and lives.'


'A journal that aims to gather a range of thinkers to examine the intersections between questions of subjectivity, politics, ethics, aesthetics and truth, intersections which both theoretically and practically form the critical points in our culture and in our time.'

The Philosopher

Continental Philosophy Review

Surveillance and Society


'An interdisciplinary journal publishing innovative work on literature and culture.'


'A journal devoted to contemporary theorizations of rhetoric, writing, and culture. Publishes academic arguments, broadly construed, in all media forms suitable for web-based publication, including conventional articles, hypertexts, and multimedia projects.'


'A journal that publishes high-quality academic essays and book reviews by students of history, philosophy, religion, and the classics.'

The Philosopher's Magazine

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

'Environment and Planning D: Society and Space is an international and interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for the discussion of the mutually constitutive relation between the social and the spatial. It seeks to be philosophically sophisticated, practically relevant, and to concretely theorise a range of contemporary, historical, political and cultural contexts.'



'...publishing original articles across the whole range of philosophical topics and schools of thought.'


'Offering a fresh approach to East Asia and Asian American studies, positions employs theoretical and multidisciplinary methods in creating a provocative forum for vigorous debate. Through expansive scholarly articles, commentaries, poetry, photo spreads, and political and philosophical debates, contributors consider a broad variety of pressing questions from a striking range of perspectives.'


'Promoting experimental work located outside current disciplines, work that has no proper location.'

Consciousness, Literature and the Arts

'A journal that provides a forum for new work relating the arts and literature to the exploration of consciousness currently flourishing in many disciplines such as philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and physics.'


'A journal devoted to exploring all aspects of philosophy and theory.'

Aesthetics and Protest


'Established to encourage and openly facilitate collaborative projects which, while rigorous in practice and astute in vision, are neither adjudicated by, nor answerable to, purely academic protocols. Bringing together academics and non-academics, technicians and theorists, artists and policy makers, within selected fields of inquiry in order that their ideas—textual, interactive, imagistic—may be exchanged and that through this exchange fruitful collaborations might be forged.'

Philosophy and Literature


'A monthly online review of the arts and the philosophy of art.'

Modern Painters

Art Forum



'A wide-ranging film journal that covers film festivals, retrospectives, film forums, and both popular and more academic events.'


'An electronic journal of interdisciplinary work by postgraduates.'

Psychoanalysis and History

'Explores the dialogue between literary and philosophical studies. The journal offers a constant source of fresh, stimulating ideas in the aesthetics of literature, theory of criticism, philosophical interpretation of literature, and literary treatment of philosophy that challenge the cant and pretensions of academic priesthoods.'

Culture Machine

'A series of experiments in culture and theory. The aim of Culture Machine is to seek out and promote the most provocative of new work, and analyses of that work, in culture and theory from a diverse range of international authors.'


'The BeeHive collection is eclectic - made up of original fiction, poetry and critical theory titles, hypermedia works, visual poetry and other forms of creative network practice. Some work takes full advantage of applied technology and can only exist on the web, while other work is presented as pure writing. BeeHive is committed to publishing works that demonstrate the wide variety of styles, forms and interests pursued by online authors and artists.'


'Focusing on the period 1750-1850, it publishes critical, historical, textual and bibliographical essays and notes prepared to the highest scholarly standards, reflecting the full range of current methodological and theoretical debate.'

Electronic Book Review

Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts

'Devoted to maintaining an attitude of respect and openness to the various manifestations of truth in human experience; it strives to foster understanding through meditative thinking, narrative structure, and poetic imagination. Like the Janus head reliefs found over the doorways of old Roman homes, this journal, too, is situated at a threshold. The space within this journal, like the space beyond the Janus head relief, is a space where dwelling can occur, where thinking can take place, and where community can be built.'


'meme: (pron. 'meem') A contagious idea that replicates like a virus, passed on from mind to mind. Memes function the same way genes and viruses do, propagating through communication networks and face-to-face contact between people. The root of the word "memetics," a field of study which postulates that the meme is the basic unit of cultural evolution. Examples of memes include melodies, icons, fashion statements and phrases.'

Other Voices

'Electronic journal of cultural criticism. Publishes provocative essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, lecture transcriptions, audio lectures, multimedia projects, translations and reviews in the arts and humanities.'

Qui Parle

'Twice a year qui parle publishes provocative interdisciplinary articles covering a range of outstanding theoretical and critical work in the humanities. Dedicated to expanding the dialogues that take place between disciplines and which challenge conventional understandings of reading and scholarship in academia.'


'A journal of art, art criticism and cultural theory.'


'Culture and politics after the net.'


'Forum for scholars writing on the problems of literary criticism. Each issue features articles in which contributors compare and analyze books on particular theoretical works and develop their own positions on the theses, methods, and theoretical implications of those works.'

The Owl of Minerva

'The official journal of the Hegel Society of America. Publishes articles, notes, discussions, reviews, and translations which pertain directly to Hegel, as well as those which bear upon his contemporaries, his successors, his influence today, or the latest developments in Hegel scholarship, and those which direct a Hegelian perspective toward the resolution of philosophical issues or enter into debate with this approach. Not only philosophers, but also representatives of other disciplines, such as history, sociology, economics, law, German literature, etc., are welcome to contribute papers which specifically relate the particular concerns of those disciplines to Hegelian thought.'

Philosophy Now

Kantian Review


'An online journal of philosophy.'

Foucault Studies


'Online gallery and journal that presents work from artists and writers who are multi-disciplinary in theory and in practice. Each participant moves between mediums.'

Critical Inquiry

'Critical thought in the arts and humanities.'

Postmodern Culture

'A journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures.'

The Symptom

'A Lacanian journal.'


'A journal of the unconscious.'

Nietzsche Studies

New Nietzsche Studies


'An interdisciplinary journal of postmodern cultural sound, text and image. Kritikos publishes work in art, cultural theory and criticism.'