'Integrations #1' - An Introductory Workshop on Deleuze and the Differential Calculus

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Greenwich University, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Room: Queen Mary 167
The first in an intermittent series of workshops focused on the key background figures and concepts within the work of Deleuze. This first workshop will offer a basic introduction to the calculus followed by a session exploring the philosophical use of concepts from the calculus within Deleuze's work. We will be looking at the opening sections of the fourth chapter of Difference and Repetition (Ideas and the synthesis of difference) as well as some secondary material. Reading material will be provided.
Each session will last approximately three hours, including a tea-break. The sessions are workshop seminars, NOT lectures - an informal and participatory atmosphere is maintained. They are an experiment in collective learning.
Lunch is NOT provided unfortunately. The workshop is FREE but you must register and provide a land address if you want reading materials sent to you.
10am - 1pm: an introduction to the calculus
1pm - 2pm: LUNCHBREAK
2pm - 5pm: Difference, differentials and Chapter 4
for further information and to register please email:
Volcanic Lines: Deleuzian Research Group
Philosophy Department, University of Greenwich
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