The Praxis of Alain Badiou

Edited by Paul Ashton, A.J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens

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ISBN-13: 9780980305203

Publication date: 1 December 2006

Pages: 436

Format: 234x156 mm (6x9 in) Paperback

Series: Anamnesis


Following the publication of his magnum opus L’être et l’événement (Being and Event) in 1988, Alain Badiou has been acclaimed as one of France’s greatest living philosophers. Since then, he has released a dozen books, including Manifesto for Philosophy, Conditions, Metapolitics and Logiques des mondes (Logics of Worlds), many of which are now available in English translation. Badiou writes on an extraordinary array of topics, and his work has already had an impact upon studies in the history of philosophy, the history and philosophy of science, political philosophy, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, and ontology. This volume takes up the challenge of explicating, extending and, in many places, criticising Badiou’s stunningly original theses. Above all, the essays collected here put Badiou’s concepts to the test in a confrontation with the four great headings that he himself has identified as essential to our humanity: science, love, art and politics. Many of the contributors have already been recognised as outstanding translators of and commentators on Badiou’s work; they appear here with fresh voices also destined to make a mark.



Masters & Disciples: Institution, Philosophy, Praxis

Paul Ashton, A. J. Bartlett & Justin Clemens

What is a Philosophical Institution? Or: Address, Transmission, Inscription

Alain Badiou


The Law of the Subject: Alain Badiou, Luitzen Brouwer and the Kripkean Analyses of Forcing and the Heyting Calculus

Zachary Fraser

The Limits of The Subject in Badiou’s Being and Event

Brian Anthony Smith

Had we but worlds enough, and time, this absolute, philosopher…

Justin Clemens


Count-as-one, Forming-into-one, Unary Trait, S1

Lorenzo Chiesa

Introduction to Sam Gillespie

Sigi Jöttkandt

Giving Form to Its Own Existence: Anxiety and the Subject of Truth

Sam Gillespie

Conditional Notes on a New Republic

A. J. Bartlett


An Explosive Genealogy: Theatre, Philosophy and the Art of Presentation

Oliver Feltham

Ontology and Appearing: Documentary Realism as a Mathematical Thought

Lindsey Hair

Can Cinema Be Thought? Alain Badiou and the Artistic Condition

Alex Ling


Towards an Anthropology of Infinitude: Badiou and the Political Subject

Nina Power

The Bourgeois and the Islamist, or, The Other Subjects of Politics

Alberto Toscano

Philosophy and Revolution: Badiou’s Infidelity to the Event

Toula Nicolacopoulos and George Vassilacopoulos


Dominique Hecq

Bibliography of Work on and by Alain Badiou in English