Integrations #1 - update

We're all looking forward to the 'Deleuze and Calculus' workshop this coming Saturday (14th April) and a few notes for those already registered and wanting to do some preparation before attending.

1) The first session will be led by Bat and he has suggested as a 'provisional outline' of what he will do the following:
"Re the first session, what I planned to run through was some stuff from Greek mathematics - Pythagoras, the Meno episode, irrational numbers, the method of exhaustion - then move onto Descartes and Newton/Leibniz and a basic exposition of calculus - followed by brief comments on how the question of making calculus rigorous spurred modern developments in mathematics, eg topology, analysis, logic, nonstandard analysis."

2) The second session will focus on Chapter 4 of Difference and Repetition (the first twenty or so pages in particular - in the new Continuum edition I think pages 214-230 contain a very curious and interesting move (this is pp168-182 in the older Athlone edition and there is a 'natural' section break indicated in the Athlone that's missing in the Continuum. This corresponds to pp218-235 of the French Press Universitaire edition of 1968, where the 'natural' section break is also present.)

In addition to this chunk of Chapter 4 of DR the following essay is secondary material we might have time to explore - Simon Duffy, The differential point of view of the infinitesimal calculus in Spinoza, Leibniz and Deleuze contained in Vol37#3, October 2006 edition of the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology. Scanned PDF's will be available here by Thursday 12th in time for people to read through this material if they haven't received it through the post.

any questions, email of course...

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